better days ahead

timeline: 2019

This was an EP I released in the summer of 2019. I set out with the goal of attempting to make something more heartfelt and emotional.

This was also the EP in which I challenged myself with my composition, lyric-writing and singing. Kindred Spirits was the first song ever for me to sing in a higher register, and at the time, the concept of doing so was terrifying.

What made this EP possible was the help from my friends supporting me and encouraging me to push myself. Although looking back, this EP might not be my best work, I’m proud to keep it around as it shows how my music has progressed over time. One friend I would like to thank is Drakonic, someone who, to this day, still pushes me with my composition. They helped me with the piano riffs in Kindred Spirits along with the outro piano for You Heal Me, and taught me a lot of insight in music theory.

The cover art for Better Days Ahead
The cover art for Better Days Ahead

My favourite song on the EP is Kindred Spirits, as I feel like at the time it was the best demonstration of my lyrical skills, and that it was the first song I had ever belted on, along with it being in 3/4.


  1. Painting Flowers
  2. Kindred Spirits
  3. You Heal Me