only good for giving

timeline: 2021-2022

This was my biggest project as of 2021. This was a 30-track album in which I share my experiences throughout 2020 and 2021. I started writing this album in early 2020, and continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with the goal of pushing my production as far as possible, along with conveying the thoughts and feelings put into each song.

Unfortunately, the later part of the album went missing, so, it has been partially released.


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  1. atelophobia
  2. impostor syndrome
  3. you’re not you anymore w/ aephyn
  4. when will i be as good as them?
  5. did you ever care?
  6. strangers once more w/ Celeste Marie
  7. what am i to you?
  8. to feel alive w/ Ben Allwright & Scarlet Bishop
  9. i want things to be the way they were
  10. i gave you my all
  11. you couldn’t handle your feelings w/ Crosswise
  12. you weren’t worth my time
  13. you always make yourself the victim
  14. do you remember me?
  15. get out of my head
  16. i saw you through rose-tinted glasses w/ nshvll
  17. stay with me
  18. lifeline
  19. i’m human too
  20. you gave me hope
  21. i don’t like being here
  22. i can’t fall again
  23. please leave me alone
  24. i won’t let you go w/ nshvll
The cover art for only good for giving