a beautiful, yet hurtful life

timeline: 2022-2023

I began writing ‘a beautiful, yet hurtful life’ in June 2021. I wanted to make something different to the previous albums and wanted to make my music more raw and heartfelt. This album will release throughout 2022 and 2023, with each song telling a different story. There will also be revisited versions of older music, told in a different light.

I also began painting in early 2022, and have designed each song’s cover art. The artwork depicts what I imagine when I hear each song being played.

To date, this is the biggest project I have worked on, with 29 tracks, each with a painting and story of its own.

The entirety of the album is tuned with A=430 Hz.

When I was very young, my mother and I would draw and paint with coloured pencils and watercolours. When I was 10, she bought me a canvas to paint on and we used to compete over who could paint the most and the best pictures. Our favourite things to paint were flowers and landscapes such as the beach. This alongside artists like Quentin Blake form the inspiration behind my paintings.


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  1. leaving you made me feel alive again
  2. at the end of time
  3. forget me
  4. our downfall [downfall ii]
  5. painting flowers ii
  6. i wish i wanted to be here
  7. always fine, always alright
  8. i’m fine with being alone
  9. did you get what you wanted?
  10. leave it all behind w/ Ben Allwright
  11. i give up, you win
  12. we could escape reality [adventure ii]
  13. lifeline ii
  14. this is goodbye
  15. kindred spirits ii
  16. stop tearing me apart
  17. inadequate after all
  18. i don’t need you in my life (feat. JERRY AK)
  19. neurosis ii w/ Crosswise
  20. help me find a way to breathe w/ Crosswise
  21. at what cost?
  22. a lesson learned
  23. i’ll always be here
  24. now and forever
  25. nothing special ii
  26. we can watch the sky fall
  27. everywhere i go ii
  28. life was better with you
  29. a beautiful, yet hurtful life
The cover art for a beautiful, yet hurtful life