in another life

timeline: 2020-2021

I started working on this album in the summer of 2019. I’ve always loved indie synthpop music, and earlier in 2019 I discovered The Wombats, Gus Dapperton and Jai Wolf’s album “The Cure To Happiness”. I wanted to try something a little different and go down the route of guitars, lush synths and more catchy riffs while still retaining my sounds and style. I also wanted to release something more playful and fun, rather than my attempts at being serious and emotional.

It started with By Your Side. I sent this song for feedback from my friend North Sky who instantly came up with the chorus of it, which I fell in love with. They finished the lyrics up and that marked the beginning of In Another Life.

I then wrote Leave, and found Bighearted Kiro through Instagram. I wanted to try and find new artists from outside the underground EDM realm to introduce them to the scene along with being introduced to theirs. They wrote lyrics for Leave that I also loved and so, the song was done.

One of my best friends Averie and I wrote then>now, which is now being held aside and hopefully released at a later date on my new alt project “ghost kid club”. This song meant a lot to me as it was one of the few collaborations Averie and I have, and it was one that had a perfect balance of both our styles.

The cover art for In Another Life

Come Alive featured vocals from Celeste Marie, an insanely talented vocalist who I discovered through another one of my best friends Skylimit. She brought the perfect vibe I wanted to encompass with the song. Skylimit himself also sang on Don’t Let Me Fall, with his insane vocals making the track sound like a fusion of Bring Me The Horizon’s Drown and Owl City, two artists we both love.

This album also marked the first collaboration with another really good friend of mine – Benana, who is an indie-pop/synthpop/nu-disco prodigy. They are insanely talented, being able to come up with the catchiest riffs and melodies in an instant. I sent them a small guitar loop for When You’re Around and they sent me back a nearly completed song, with vocals. I was taken aback because nearly finishing the whole song in collaboration is something I’m known for doing. I polished it up and added bits and pieces and so, the track was done.


  1. By Your Side (feat. North Sky)
  2. Leave (feat. Bighearted Kiro)
  3. When You’re Around (feat. Banana)
  4. Come Alive (feat. Celeste Marie)
  5. Hollow Heart w/ N33T & Snow Ghost
  6. Don’t Let Me Fall (feat. Skylimit)
  7. Wasted Time