strangers once more

This was a song I’ve had on my PC since 2018. It was inspired by artists featured on Silk Music, like Shingo Nakamura, with their old-school-sounding progressive house tunes. It was the kind of music I would listen to while studying for my exams to get into medical school.

I came back to strangers once more in 2020 and re-listened to it. It reminded me of 2018, the work I put into my exams, meeting my best internet friends for the first time, making and losing close relationships, and the joy of finding out I was accepted into medical school.

I contacted my friend Celeste Marie to sing on the song and she provided vocals that perfectly encapsulated the vibe I was going for.


[Verse 1]
Fading stars
In a crashing sky
Sleepless nights
Yet in silence, we lie

I hear our echoes
Lullabies from distant worlds

Strangers once more
But there’s something we both know
Our echoes
Won’t ever go

[Verse 2]
Through reverbed halls
Plays our downfall
Wonder where your mind goes
Does it matter at all?

[Pre-Chorus 2]
I see your colours turn
Through a rose-tinted kaleidoscope